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Application Details for International Applicants

Mittweida University of Applied Sciences offers more than 50 study options in the areas of Natural Sciences, IT, Economics, Engineering, Media and Social Sciences.

First of all, please inform yourself about all Study Programmes offered in Mittweida. Most study programmes are offered in German. Additionally there are some English study offers.

English Study Programmes

Three study programmes are offered entirely in English:

Application Process

The following pages will give you detailed information on the application process.

Get information on all required application documents including the recognized language proof for German and English and all details regarding the admission process.

Refugees interested in starting studies in Mittweida will find all details under Application for Refugees.

The FAQ section provides you with useful further information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

We are looking forward to receive your application!

Course Offer: Preparatory German

If you did not yet pass one of the examinations stated above, you may participate in a DSH German course at our Studienkolleg. We offer you to either follow a course of two semesters at B1 level starting in September (proof of B1 required) or a course of one semester at B2 level starting in March (proof of B2 required). Applicants need to pass an entrance test in German. We do not offer a German language course for beginners.

Please note: Registration is mandatory. A fee of 250 Euro will be charged. This amount will be subtracted from your total bill upon arrival. There is no refund in case of non-arrival.

For those applicants, who need to attend the FSP course, a proof of B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required. You need to attend an entrance test in German and in mathematics. Applicants with only B1 level in German may attend the FSP course at their own risk.

Please check the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for further reference.

Application Deadlines

Application deadline for open study programmes is either

  • 15 May for the winter semester or
  • 15 November for the summer semester.

Applications received after this deadline my be accepted depending on availabilty of places.

Students who fulfil all prerequisites including the appropriate language requirements will receive their admission after all documents have been examined. The admission should be used to immediately start the visa application process.

Application deadline for NC-study programmes1

The application form has to be sent until:

  • 15 July for the winter semester or
  • 15 January for the summer semester.

All other documents incl. the proof of German skills may be handed in until

  • 31 July for the winter semester or
  • 31 January for the summer semester.

The selection process will take place in August (for the winter semester) and in February (for the summer semester). Students that have been selected for a university place will receive an admission.

Please note: As the visa application process is usually very time-consuming, we highly recommend to apply until 15 May or 15 November at the latest!

Please note that a student's type of admission depends on the result of the examination of all application documents. You may be asked to attend the Studienkolleg or a Preparatory German course before being admitted.  Continue reading

1Restricted number of places in NC-study programmes:
For international students, who are not referred to as equal to Germans, there is a capacity of 10% of all available places, based on EU law.
Considered as equal to Germans are citizens of member states of the European Union or the European Economic Area, their children, if the parents work or have worked in Germany, other family members based on articel 2 number 2 of directive 2004/38/EG of the Europaen Parliament and Council of 29 April 2004 and other foreign citizens or stateless persons with a German secondary school-leaving certificate, issued in Germany or at a German school abroad. The number of availabe spaces for applicants not equal to Germans is very small due to legal regulations.

Information about the admission

It may happen, that you receive a conditional admission with the requirement to attend a Study College or to take part in a German language course. Please read more about that here.

Postal address / contact

Hochschule Mittweida
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Technikumplatz 17
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E-Mail: application@hs-mittweida.de
Phone: +49 3727 58 1800