We are happy about your interest in studying at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

In order to make the application process a little easier for international students, we have selected some frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently Askes Questions


Q: Are there any applications fees?
A: There are no fees for application.


Q: Is it possible to submit the language proof later?
A:  At the moment of your application we need a proof your current language level and the information when you plan to pass the language examination required to study at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. It is possible to submit this examination later. However, it is not possible to apply completely without German language skills.


Q: Do you issue the admission letter/invitation immediately or only after the deadlines 15 May and 15 November?
A: We will check your documents immediately and issue the admission letter also immediately after completing the examination of your documents. We do not wait until 15 May or 15 November.
You will only receive the invitation to the Studienkolleg once we received the registration fee of 250 Euro (administrative fee for handling of the application and sending the admission letter/invitation). Upon arrival, the fee will be subtracted of the course fee. It is not possible to refund the fee in case of non-arrival.

Q: Do I have to provide a letter of motivation?

A: A letter of motivation is not required for the application. However, we appreciate a short letter describing why this particular program appeals to you including a few lines about your educational background. These letters are used to internally evaluate the range of program that we offer, they are neither a requirement nor will they influence the outcome of the application process.

Q: Do I have to provide letters of recommendation?

A: We do not specifically ask for such letters, but you are free to send them along with your application. These letters help us to evaluate the background of our students. However, they do not influence the application process.