Admission Process

If you fulfil all requirements to study at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences we will send you an admission letter after all your documents have been approved.
You may apply for a student visa at the German  ambassy with this admission.

The academic year starts in October (winter semester). The summer semester starts in March.

After receiving your admission, please inform us about your arrival time in Mittweida! We will be happy to support you on the day of your arrival, assist you in arranging accommodation in our student housing and in taking out the appropriate health insurance. Please continue reading here!

Conditional Admission

If you do not yet fulfil all requirements to enter studies at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences you may receive a Conditional Admission to study.

This document is to be used to apply for visa.

The term "conditional" means, that applicants have to fulfil certain requirements before their enrolment into studies at the university can be completed. These conditions can be for example:

  1. Passing the German language examination (Missing required language certificate)
  2. Passing the qualifying examination FSP (Missing accepted university entrance qualification)

1 Passing the German Language Examination

If you do not yet possess proof of the required German examination we offer you the possibility to participate in the Preparatory German Course at our Studienkolleg

2 Passing the Qualifying Examination FSP

Students who do not yet possess the required university entrance qualification are obliged to participate in a preparatory course at our Studienkolleg for two semesters before being admitted to study at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

For the admission at the Studienkolleg students have to pass a placement test and prove at least 600 hours of prior German classes.

According to the desired study programme students have to choose their main focus already during the FSP course. Students may choose between a TI-course for intended studies in scientific and technical areas and a WW-course for future studies with economic focus.

The qualifying examination FSP at the end of the course certifies that students possess the necessary linguistic, academic and methodical qualification to study at our university. It also includes the German language examination.