Leave of absence

Under special circumstances, students may request a leave of absence for up to two semesters (§ 20 Abs. 2 SächsHSFG).

Request a leave of absence

Reasons for a leave of absence may include:

  • illness
  • military or civil service
  • studying or staying abroad
  • internships (unless required by your course of study)
  • maternity/parental leave
  • support and care of close relatives
  • monetary or social emergency
  • other reasons

You will need to thoroughly explain your reasons and provide evidence for them.

Students will need to request a leave of absence before the beginning of the semester. The time of absence will not be counted towards the standard period of study of their course. Exams may be taken during a leave of absence. If following a leave of absence a student wishes to continue to study on the same course, they are required to re-register.

Students on a leave of absence may apply for a refund of the student union fee. According to contribution regulations, you will first need to re-register by paying the semester fee and can then apply for a refund of said semester fee.

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