Guest students

Course of Procedure

  • The application form for guest students is to be submitted for each semester, deadline for submission is the end of the first month of the semester in question.

  • Please send your completed application form to Ms. Viola Lehmann of the department organisation of study. If you have already spoken to teachers about the terms of your attendance, please leave a note of this in your application form.

  • If you wish to participate in an exam, you will need the approval of the examination board of the respective faculty. We will take care of this process for you after you express interest in taking an exam.

  • The guest student fee is 39.00 EUR per semester plus a 2.00 EUR COD charge and is to be paid to the finance department after you receive the invoice.

  • You will receive your guest student ID from the finance department.

  • You will receive your login and password for access to the university's intranet and internet system (incl. Wi-Fi) from the network- and communications department of the university.

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